Like Netflix for dresses

I saw this post on Emmie’s blog and I was both intrigued by Gwynnie Bee and hesitant to join. Given that I’m on the larger size of a 22/24, I wasn’t sure it would work. However, many of the dresses and clothes available are from places I buy from, and I knew, for the most part, the items would probably fit fine.

I joined just before the cut off date, and received my first dress just a couple of days later. It wasn’t my favorite of the ones I selected, but I decided to wear it to work anyway. I paired it with a shrug, since I can’t go sleeveless at work.


Forgive the bad shot, I forgot to take one until the end of the day. It was tighter than I am usually comfortable with, and not very flattering. The pattern stretching across my belly? Not good. But, I wore it, to give it a fair chance. I’m hoping the next item is a better fit, but so far I’m happy. If their selection increased, I would definitely upgrade to the multiple items home at a time plan.

The customer service has been outstanding. I loved the way my first package was wrapped with a personal, handwritten note.

Any business doing things this well should be applauded. Especially one serving the plus size community.

bathing beauty

I have had a hard time with swimsuits.

I ordered one from Kiyonna, but like I sometimes find with dresses, the bust was too big. In a dress, it’s not a huge problem, but in a swimsuit, it means I’ll be falling out.

I ordered this one from Lands End and I love the way it looks and feels. I didn’t think I would ever find one, but I have.

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to post pics of this online, but I wore it on the cruise and since, and I think it’s just too cute!

Late winter early spring

I have a hard time, like many other people I’d guess, bridging the transition between the colder and the warmer weather.

In the mornings and at night, I still need a jacket, I still want tights and gloves. During the day, it can reach into the 70’s or higher, so I need to have pieces I can layer or that are multi-seasonal.

I picked up a dress at Voluptuous Vixen in NOLA right before the cruise.

I wore it last weekend when my brother, D and I went to dinner and a comedy club. It’s a great color, and while I worried it was a little short, I love the way it makes me feel when I wear it.

I like it because I can layer over it, wear it with tights and boots and be warm, but I can wear it without anything else, and it still looks good.

I’ve been shopping around lately. It’s time for some new work clothes, and I need to find some reasonably priced stylish ones.

bad blogger

Ok. It’s been a while. I was sick, pretty much from Halloween through the beginning of December when I went home to NY to visit my family. Then, the craziness of the holidays paired with the end of year rush at work. So, there weren’t very many pictures.

We didn’t do much celebrating on Christmas or New Years thanks to me being sick (again) as well as him being sick. So, I really didn’t have a chance to breathe, much less get pretty and take pictures.

So, this is kind of a holiday wrap up.

Just before my trip in December, I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Evans USA. I decided to try some things to see how they’d fit. I’ve decided next time, to order a bit smaller. I stuck with my normal size, but everything was a little big. The jeans are so big they’re hard to wear, and the sweater just seemed too loose.  After a washing, the sweater is OK, but the jeans may have to be altered. If it was a place I could return to easily, I probably would have sent them back, but I hate doing overseas returns. I also scored a bunch of cute jewelry, though sadly I lost some somewhere on my trip.

I also used some real woman dollars to pick up some new jeans and some sweaters from Lane Bryant. Come on, you know you always need new clothes before a trip!

For his holiday party, I scored a great Black Friday deal with Kiyonna. After again finding one (Velma) that just didn’t work, I tried the Collete dress and I adored it. I think it is my new favorite dress.

The pics don’t do it justice. It’s swingy and not too baggy up top, which is always my biggest problem. I loved the material and the sleeves, which are useful for an all season dress, especially when you’re partying in December.

One of my favorite people, Ali Edwards, came up with an idea a few years back that I have used the last few years. It’s the idea of taking a word, one word, to use as your inspiration for the year. This year, 2012, my word is appreciate. I’m doing my best to appreciate the body I have, to dress well, to take better care of myself. So, hopefully this blog will help me do that. So, look forward to more posts and more pictures!

wedding bell blues

I feel like finding a dress for this wedding was almost as hard as finding a wedding dress.

Ok, not that bad.

After a lot of debate, and dresses ordered and returned, I ended up with this one from Torrid

I don’t think it was the best dress ever, but I was happy with the overall look.

Forgive the gratuitous kissing shot, but it’s the only one that shows the sparkly black glitter peep toes.

sick and tired

I’ve been sick for what feels like forever, and with a crazy work schedule, I don’t feel like getting dressed most days, much less photographing it.

It’s just a challenge to shower and get dressed. No fancy hair or makeup here, the only product I’ve been using is Vicks VapoRub.

More pictures soon, I promise.


This past weekend we went to Oktoberfest at one of the local Ski Resorts.

It was fun, all the German culture, music and food. It was cooler up in the mountains, but nice and still fairly warm for fall. The top is Lane Bryant, the belt is from some random red sweater (but it went with the patent flats) and the cropped jeans are from Avenue.

I’m not ready for fall, since it leads so quickly into snow. While I love sweaters, I’m not ready for shoveling, coats, boots (not the fun kind, the waterproof kind) and all that nonsense.

So I was trying to make the most of the late summer we had this fall.

I even did the chicken dance!

a guy, a girl and a pizza place

Saturday night is date night for a lot of people.

Given that my boyfriend gets up at 4 am each Saturday, he’s not always up for a big night out. We decided to go out for some pizza, and I may have been a little overdressed. I thought the place was a bit more upscale than it was. So we were the only ones there, and we laughed with the staff and made comments about the name of our particular pizza, the Italian Stallion.

We came home and he played with his camera while I posed, so forgive any dorky faces I may have made.

The dress is Olivia Harper, the belt is from Torrid, and who knows about the shoes, they probably need to be tossed, they’ve been worn a couple summers too many.

the dress that didn’t work

Sometimes, you want a dress so bad, you decide to buy it, even if you know it’s not really your style. Even when you know you’ll look NOTHING like the model.

You throw caution to the wind and order it. Ok, I didn’t throw caution to the wind completely, I did order two sizes to try to be sure one would work.

Kiyonna has some awesome clothes, and I hadn’t yet had a chance to try them. I saw this dress, and I knew it would be perfect for a wedding we have to go to in October. I loved the neckline, the ruching and the sheer sleeves.

But, it was not gonna work. I’m too short and maybe too curvy for this dress.

I don’t have spanx on, and I wasn’t going to post the photo, but the point of this blog is to embrace my body and my style, so I will swallow my pride and post.

working it

I have a hard time with work clothes. I’ve spent the last couple years in scrubs, which take no thought much less creativity.

So, I often take things I found on clearance and turn them into work clothes. I’m the only one not in scrubs, and there’s no real dress code, so I do have some flexibility. The boss says anything professional to business casual works for him, and I tend to dress both for my mood and the type of day scheduled.

This time of year is hard, because the mornings are cool, but the days get pretty warm. Layering makes things easier.

The green cardigan snaps, which is my favorite thing about it. I got it at Target on clearance for less than $5. The dress is a sheath, camel colored, from Lane Bryant.



Forgive the photos, I was forced to take my own, and didn’t do so well.