working it

I have a hard time with work clothes. I’ve spent the last couple years in scrubs, which take no thought much less creativity.

So, I often take things I found on clearance and turn them into work clothes. I’m the only one not in scrubs, and there’s no real dress code, so I do have some flexibility. The boss says anything professional to business casual works for him, and I tend to dress both for my mood and the type of day scheduled.

This time of year is hard, because the mornings are cool, but the days get pretty warm. Layering makes things easier.

The green cardigan snaps, which is my favorite thing about it. I got it at Target on clearance for less than $5. The dress is a sheath, camel colored, from Lane Bryant.



Forgive the photos, I was forced to take my own, and didn’t do so well.


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