bad blogger

Ok. It’s been a while. I was sick, pretty much from Halloween through the beginning of December when I went home to NY to visit my family. Then, the craziness of the holidays paired with the end of year rush at work. So, there weren’t very many pictures.

We didn’t do much celebrating on Christmas or New Years thanks to me being sick (again) as well as him being sick. So, I really didn’t have a chance to breathe, much less get pretty and take pictures.

So, this is kind of a holiday wrap up.

Just before my trip in December, I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Evans USA. I decided to try some things to see how they’d fit. I’ve decided next time, to order a bit smaller. I stuck with my normal size, but everything was a little big. The jeans are so big they’re hard to wear, and the sweater just seemed too loose.  After a washing, the sweater is OK, but the jeans may have to be altered. If it was a place I could return to easily, I probably would have sent them back, but I hate doing overseas returns. I also scored a bunch of cute jewelry, though sadly I lost some somewhere on my trip.

I also used some real woman dollars to pick up some new jeans and some sweaters from Lane Bryant. Come on, you know you always need new clothes before a trip!

For his holiday party, I scored a great Black Friday deal with Kiyonna. After again finding one (Velma) that just didn’t work, I tried the Collete dress and I adored it. I think it is my new favorite dress.

The pics don’t do it justice. It’s swingy and not too baggy up top, which is always my biggest problem. I loved the material and the sleeves, which are useful for an all season dress, especially when you’re partying in December.

One of my favorite people, Ali Edwards, came up with an idea a few years back that I have used the last few years. It’s the idea of taking a word, one word, to use as your inspiration for the year. This year, 2012, my word is appreciate. I’m doing my best to appreciate the body I have, to dress well, to take better care of myself. So, hopefully this blog will help me do that. So, look forward to more posts and more pictures!


2 responses to “bad blogger

  1. Ah! You look great in that dress! I have the same one and absolutely love it! I’m sorry you’ve been so sick, but glad to hear you are feeling better. Also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

  2. Love the one word, and appreciate is perfect. keep posting pics girl!!

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