Late winter early spring

I have a hard time, like many other people I’d guess, bridging the transition between the colder and the warmer weather.

In the mornings and at night, I still need a jacket, I still want tights and gloves. During the day, it can reach into the 70’s or higher, so I need to have pieces I can layer or that are multi-seasonal.

I picked up a dress at Voluptuous Vixen in NOLA right before the cruise.

I wore it last weekend when my brother, D and I went to dinner and a comedy club. It’s a great color, and while I worried it was a little short, I love the way it makes me feel when I wear it.

I like it because I can layer over it, wear it with tights and boots and be warm, but I can wear it without anything else, and it still looks good.

I’ve been shopping around lately. It’s time for some new work clothes, and I need to find some reasonably priced stylish ones.


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