Like Netflix for dresses

I saw this post on Emmie’s blog and I was both intrigued by Gwynnie Bee and hesitant to join. Given that I’m on the larger size of a 22/24, I wasn’t sure it would work. However, many of the dresses and clothes available are from places I buy from, and I knew, for the most part, the items would probably fit fine.

I joined just before the cut off date, and received my first dress just a couple of days later. It wasn’t my favorite of the ones I selected, but I decided to wear it to work anyway. I paired it with a shrug, since I can’t go sleeveless at work.


Forgive the bad shot, I forgot to take one until the end of the day. It was tighter than I am usually comfortable with, and not very flattering. The pattern stretching across my belly? Not good. But, I wore it, to give it a fair chance. I’m hoping the next item is a better fit, but so far I’m happy. If their selection increased, I would definitely upgrade to the multiple items home at a time plan.

The customer service has been outstanding. I loved the way my first package was wrapped with a personal, handwritten note.

Any business doing things this well should be applauded. Especially one serving the plus size community.


One response to “Like Netflix for dresses

  1. That dress is on my list of things to try as well! As someone on the larger side of 24, I can tell you that like all things, there will be hits and misses. If you have any questions on the fit of any of the items, feel free to email me and ask if I’ve tried it! The good thing about Gwynnie Bee is they are super receptive. And also? I just got word they’re going to start adding 4X, which will open up even more options – woot! Tip: If you know you’re going to send something back, you can shoot them a note and tell them and they may just send out a new piece before they receive the returned item 🙂

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