about Kate

I’m Kate.

I’m voluptuous which is a nice way of saying my ass is too large. Ok, fine, I could have used any other superlative, but I like this one.

“Voluptuous: Giving, characterized by, or suggesting ample, unrestrained pleasure to the senses”

I like the way this sounds, and I think I’d like to live my life this way, fully experiencing everything.

I’m 30, pasty, plus-size, playful, pretty. I don’t think I have a definable style. My boobs are too small for the rest of my body and I’m more than a little bit klutzy in tall heels. I’m never gonna be a 2, and I may never even be a 12, but I am gonna be stylish and comfortable with my body and my look. I will always be flawed in my own eyes, but I’m working on accepting those flaws as just being what makes me “me”. I will always wish I was taller and thinner, but I will learn to love me as I am, because lots of other people do.

Why do I need to convince the people close to me that I’m NOT beautiful? I don’t. They are the few who love me, just as I am. I would much rather subscribe to their thoughts, that I am lovely, than to join the people in the world who think I’m ugly, lazy and useless because I am fat.

I will try a little harder, shop a little smarter and be inspired by the fashionable ladies in my life.

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